Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 38 Engsub


  1. Atrocis

    Please upload hong jin young and nam gong min couple ~ ❤

    • Anonymous

      You can watch it through kshowonline and search WGN full episode

  2. Anonymous

    it’s not playing anymore

  3. This is ep38. I feel very happy and sad too. It’s nearly end up.:-/

  4. Rawrdhia

    Any recommendations for other couples?

    • Anonymous

      A couple I’m enjoying a lot is Gongmyung and Hyesung. They’re only at their 9th episode, but it’s really awesome until now. I would certainly recommend that.

    • JKLJJ

      Lee Jong Hyun, gong Seung Yeon couple 🙂 the sweetness is just too much

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