Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 40 Engsub – Final


  1. Anonymous

    Why do i feel whenever my fave couple lyk dis couple, ending their marriage life untimely…theyre just starting to be sensitive to each other, starting to be involve with their sweet moments together and suddenly their marriage will end and its a final episode. How sad, they look so sad! I hope they see each other in real life!!

  2. Anonymous

    Watched this for 5x and can’t get over!!! I personally love them! Aside from Pyyu and GongLee couple. They are so natural! They didn’t even tried to fake it. I just love the transition of their story. From awkward to being perfectly fit for each other. It’s not about who’s giving much effort but it’s the thought and happiness they’ve shared that counts. That’s true right there! I can see it through their eyes. Anyways… Hoping for these two beautiful souls to have a wonderful life individually (together) . Make it happen! Nerungjiiiii

  3. eva

    Videonya kenapa gk bisa di play

  4. Rathnika

    After that rumour the show make them divorce I just LOVE this couple and never ever want them to end this marriage!!! Hope they will reunion or still keep contact

  5. jessie


  6. Jeanh

    Why this video can’t play ?

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