Jota Jin Kyung

We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 24 Engsub


  1. 33coupleislove

    if you like or love someone, she or he can change you. jota is shy person but now he is sly person and bit agresive. jota a bit quite person but now he talk more. jk is mature person but now she is like a cute girl. jota is a cool person but now he’s like ANAE BABO face when look jk or remember about jk. jk never aegyo before but after meet jota she’s always aegyo. jk is a bit agresive. lol but now when jota agresive she loose her strenght.if you are very comfortable with someone you change character yourself in automatic.

    • Anonymous

      Wowwwwwww I like your comment….love 33couple…waiting for more episode…

  2. Anonymous

    wooo really love ittt make it 10000 episode plisss

  3. jotajk

    if you watch them from ep 1 . you can know how adorable they are. and their progress is no joke

  4. RazanS

    What’s the music called that was playing when they were both writing letters to each other in episode 24?? The music belongs to a song but i just cant remember which!

  5. name

    I’m confused why they are so scared of the sheep and horses. I kind of understand with the goats because if they ram you it hurts, but why the other animals? I’m not saying that it isn’t cute because it’s totally adorable. I’m just confused

    • Anonymous

      Actually them beeing scared of the Horses is pretty normal cause, frist of all, they’re pretty Big Animals & they can get dangerous at times. For example they can bite or kick you. I’ve ocne had a Horse kick me by accident & i was hospitalized for an entire Week because of that. Also a friend of mine once got bitten by a Horse & she had to got stitch the wound at tge emergency so, it makes sence that they would be scared of them…

  6. Anonymous

    what the song that heared by jota and jinkyung together in eps 24,

  7. maemae

    why i cant put the video into fullscreen

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