Jota Jin Kyung

We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 27 Engsub


  1. sunset

    i’m back !!! you can read article with hangul about jota jinkyung T_T . They are don’t want to end their virtual marriage. it’s mean they are like each other and want to more a long time to spend time together. because you guys know if they are end their virtual marriage. maybe they are can date in secretly but they are can’t meet each other free -__- because jota is idol and you know about dispatch.

    • kimd

      awww now i’m noticed why their segment it’s short lately. it’s because they are want to stay longer in wgm. maybe 50 episode. amen

  2. king and queen

    guys !!! make anything in the positive side. don’t dissapointed to mbc. maybe their segment shorter lately because they are want to stay longer in wgm. you guys probably know mbc always grant shipper wishlist, right?

    • king and queen

      i mean 33 couple shipper wishlist like jota watch jk runaway, photoshot, jk go to busan, etc. so always make anything to be positive,

      • keyra

        yeap, if we always have positive thinking and nice comment . god always grant our wishes

  3. jotaismine

    jota father said ” jota father said ” he’ll catch a fish suddenly. timing is important. it’s the same in life too. it’s important to get a chance” i think is mean jota catch jinkyung suddenly (wgm) , timing is important (they are should make good memory together) , it’s important to get a chance (if they are like each other do not waste the chance and continue have beatiful relationship)

    jota : i already caught amazing fish (jinkyung)

    jota father : since you are so in love with each other, please keep having such a pretty realitionship ^^

    and i’m remember like someone say in here jota write letter to jinkyung mom ” i promise i will continue to take care and adore jinkyung, keep cheering for us. i love you mom” (jota have jk mother phone number too)

    jinkyung letter to jota father ” i will try to be one of the best daughter in law who’s nice to you”


  4. Anonymous

    This couple showcases innocent young love…. so touching, sweet and innocent…

  5. Let’s say that WGM couples weren’t or aren’t together for real but I think it’s safe to say that during WGM filming, the feelings were real. After all, we are just mere spectators. Let them be. Things will happen the way they happen and they will continue living their lives, whether they end up together or not. But, I am sure in the future they will work together again. They seemed to have a great relationship!! I love them. ❤

  6. jonghwa

    i laughed so hard when jota father says to jota “if you do this again , i will cut my hair and go” LMAO

  7. 33

    how did jota’s dad just disappeared at the end??

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