GongMyung HyeSung, Sleepy GukJoo, TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married Lunar New Year Special Engsub

TaeJoon Bomi Ep 18, GongMyung HyeSung Ep 8, Sleepy GukJoo Ep 10


  1. anon

    I don’t think you can predict or find a couple really sincere or not based only on skinship or awkwardness… Sometimes, there are people who show shyness or awkwardness to each other because they have somewhat feeling little butterflies in their stomachs or just nervous around each other…
    For me, I find those people or couple who recently met or filming and already showing huge skinships (for example: like kissing on the lips, etc.) confusing coz Relationship is a process and by stages…You have to know each other first before opening up…and also trust is important…And as I’ve noticed in WGM., some wives really have hard time opening to their husbands…coz either, they’re confused by their actions or they have already developed feelings and they just don’t want to go much deeper coz from the start, they know..it’s a show…;)))

  2. Anonymous

    Love it!

  3. Anonymous

    it take 3hours to finish this episode. T-T . internet problem.

  4. Sydney W

    This episode is wonderful and amazing also long but my stupid internet connection is making it load ever 30 seconds!!!

  5. was so easy to watch

  6. Yuyu

    The only problem in this is – OpenLoad sucks.

  7. April

    why i can’t play the video? it says “might be temporarily down or it may have move permanently to a new web address”
    Then where i can find another web to play this episode?
    I’ve watch untill ep 17 and still search for the rest of it.. Anyone can help me?

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