Minsuk Yewon

We Got Married Minsuk Yewon Ep 35 Engsub


  1. Atby

    It was pretty obvious that Yewon was the only one who fell in love. Minsuk respected her but he was not that interested. Yewon tried to have kisses in numerous times but he always avoided them. He stopped holding her hand frequently and in this episode she was the only one calling him “honey”. Maybe he had other plans. Hope the best for both but I think he made a mistake due Yewon is extremely awsome, kind and beautiful.

  2. Sue

    I really feel bad for Yewon !! Be strong !! And flighting you will find the right guy for u.. cute Yewon

  3. jhaney

    Did they use the Hawaii tix?

  4. epen

    this is last episode ?

  5. Wolf

    Just finish Ep.20 and had to comment on the last ep.
    They may be in their late 30’s. They may not have biggest fam like the others couple (in my opinion).
    They may not have a lot of fan. But I really enjoy watching this couple. Its sucks when end their fake marriage. and we all hope that all or most WGM couple date after show. but for a show
    But I do agree some other commented on here, I don’t get why min suk doesn’t go for it. (like date her real life lol) He’s getting old (well they both are)
    I notice men in their late 30’s doesn’t date at all. dunno why?
    – Oh Min Suk
    – Kim Jong Kook
    – Nam Goong Min
    to named a few

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