SeHo CaoLu

We Got Married SeHo CaoLu Ep 29 Engsub


  1. Byeol

    Crying so hard. They felt so real. Like it was really like dating at first and then liking each other day by day… they even did a wedding and have the in-laws meet each other. i don’t think there’s ever a wgm that did so much 🙁 why did they have to leave 🙁

  2. ngando94

    I really love this couple and I think their virtual marriage should end at here. Because I believe that after this show they will be a the first real couple of WGM. The way they look at each other, love each other, cry for each other is so real. I’m waiting for their good news! SeHo, Cao Lu <3 Goodbye and see you again <3

  3. Anonymous

    ugh, i cried. oh cau lu! she really does love him a lot, you can tell. they’re so fond of each other and had so many ups and downs, it felt the most realistic because it wasn’t always perfect, but they always worked on their relationship very hard. plus they were the eldest couple as well and you can tell it was a much more mature relationship. i keep thinking about cau lu’s grandfather crying at their wedding!

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