ShiYang SoYeon

We Got Married ShiYang SoYeon Ep 22 Engsub


  1. GG

    YAAAAAAY <333

  2. Anonymous

    i just love them!!!

  3. Carr

    Si Yang makes a lot of jokes about her age and that’s stupid when your gf or wife is older.

  4. afza

    does anyone know the title of the song played during siso couple sleeping at the end? searching like crazy but didn’t find the song..:”( please help

  5. The One Guy

    Um did anyone notice that the roulette was about to stop at Sangjoo and then it moved a bit further as if…someone moved it a bit…? And that’s why they got Dangjin? LMAO

  6. Shauwn

    does anyone know who the girl is at the wgm panel (i dont mean misun but the other lady)

  7. #simplicityfollows

    They are so sweet! Shiyang and Soyeon~ both of you look GOOD together

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