SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 33 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    She’s pretty!!

  2. sungjoy_lover

    watching it this 2017
    and so annoyed that they really didn’t end up together

    • Lisa

      I feel you 🙁 I’m still hoping that they will end up together in the future

      • Anonymous

        For Some reason i tend to see something going on between her and chanyeol…

    • Anonymous

      Me too. They act now like nothing happened. It makes my heart ache

  3. Anonymous

    AHHHHHHH… I really hope they end up together in the future 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Yoon Soo Rim from the KD “The Liar and his Lover”

    Sungjae is very handsome! Looking forward for a new KD for him and hopefuLy he will be the next lead actor and ofcourse the lead actress will be Joy

  5. Anonymous

    how to download this video

  6. Anonymous

    Still hoping they will end up together!

  7. russelle

    they never had a kiss , a kiss in the hand or a peck….because their’s a lot of limitations since they’re k-idol…

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