SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 37 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I quickly searched for the members of BTOB so I can find the name of that another member, he’s so cute when he smiles wherein his eyes are not that visible anymore. He also make great melodies, all three of it are so good. I really like Sungjae but after seeing Hyunsik I kinda felt like he became my fave in BTOB… but I can like them both though 🙂

  2. taehyunged

    Hyunsik became my bias in btob when i watched this episode ❤

  3. Yook_6

    Hyunsik is really cool while Changsub is really funny. Both of them looks so jealous of the bbyu couple lol. I really like it when RV and BtoB members are doing a cameo ❤❤❤ Sungjae has a really good voice. Bbyu couple will always be my fave!!!

  4. Anonymous

    how to download?? please.. need help.

    • Anonymous

      play the video, then hold the video and click save video

  5. Kiwi sungjoy

    My heart!!!! Huhu a guy like sungjae please ❤❤❤ they’re so cuteeee plus hyunsik and changsub ❤❤❤ bbyu couple forever

  6. Anonymous

    Hyunsik is damn fine. He literally has it all!

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