SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 40 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I miss WGM and Bbyu couple so much. </3

  2. Anonymous

    why i cant watch the video:(((((

  3. Kessa Chu

    2018 and I’m watching this… it’s been three years since the WGM is released. I love them

  4. Kessa Chu

    I miss Ppyu.

  5. Naz

    I loved sungjae oppa In school 2015 but I never knew about WGM and ppyu couple until the great seducer/tempted started and I somehow came across the last episode of WGT with Joy and him and I love them so much I’ve binge watched for the past week or so and I’ve nearly finished

  6. Anonymous

    sooyoung really did improve her bowling skills based on isac 2018, sungjae oppa is proud of you!!!

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