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We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 45 Engsub

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  1. Darkside_

    Araw araw iisipin mo.. yung ginagawa nyo everyday na magkasama kayo, yung kulitan nyo, yung lambingan nyo, lahat! maiisip mo. Pero ang masakit sa lahat, ay yung wala ng magsasabi sayo na “You’re pretty.” “You’re really cute.” “I Love You.” Lahat yon.. sya lang ang nagsasabi sayo, at ngayon hindi mo na sya makakasama.. WALA NG MAGSASABI SAYO NG LAHAT NG YON. Shet! napaka sakit!

  2. Darkside_

    Yung feeling na… “Sino na ang magsasabi sakin at magpaparamdam sakin ng lahat ng ginawa at sinabi mo?” .. wala na.:(

  3. Darkside_

    Hindi ba sobrang iksi lang ng episodes na ‘to?! Ayoko ng ganito e! Sobrang nakakaiyak! sobrang nakakahinayang! sobrang nakaka bitin! at higit sa lahat.. sobrang sakit.

  4. Darkside_

    Joy said, “Who will going to said that to me from now on?” and that really broke my heart so bad!

  5. DaebakPpyuCouple

    They may be innocent and young acting as a married couple but they definitely compliment each other’s weaknesses as partners. With Joy’s innocence and inexperienced in a relationship and SungJae’s playful, childish and being cute with a somehow mature stance around Joy is just perfect.
    Marriage should be exciting and they could be a real married couple 100% for real as in real really.
    I’m looking forward for them to be together again in a project (drama or music). I have searched for Joy after watching ‘The Great Seducer’. I came to know in WGW that Joy truly has a great personality and a genuine person, then Sungjae has a comedic, easy & sweet personality in him.
    They are the first WGW couple I’ve watched and it never fails me to laugh and giggle at the same time.

  6. puingpuing~

    It 2018 and i still watching it. After look at them about 2 years/ 3 maybe. They seem like not closer after this show. Idk if they really not contact each other and stay as stranger or actually they did contact each other. But seing them like that. Break my heart so much. Because in this show its different then other show. It showing us how lobely married life. Its show us how their chemistery and how their react when being together. But after this show end . . They both like stranger to me. They reunited at show (oppa thinking) joy with red hair and finally very fit body. She said they have close brother sister relay.but after she said it wasnt just sibling relationship after all .and shook everyone on that show. But ,recently in one show called sugarman, joy and yooksungjae reunited . Yook say after that show we didnt meet and we couldn meet because we too busy. Yook again say we couldn really keep in touch . Hmm. Idk what actually happen. But. I really really hope. They will become closer. Doing drama together… And yes . At last . In relationship. Id want to anyone shipper joy with someone else again like great seduce drama. Id like how people ship joy with that actor. Idk his name. . Watever. Its one and only bbyu ship forever. .

  7. Anonymous

    This was filmed five days after his birthday.

    • Anonymous

      No that’s incorrect, this was filmed around April 24th before his birthday. His birthday was May 2nd and the episode was aired around May 7th, but the filming was definitely beforehand.

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