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We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 45 Engsub

Director’s cut: Part 1 | Part 2


  1. tearz

    i love this couple so much ! i hope they make a drama series together ..

  2. Anonymous

    Honestly this is the first WGM couple I’ve watched but damn I was completely in love with all the episodes and I feel like all I will do in my summer break is to rewatch all the episodes. I’m so thankful that I watched this… thanks to that clip of SungJoy washing their clothes at their bathroom, it was spread on facebook and I got so curious. This is my first time ever watching WGM and this will always have a special place in my heart. I cried a lot at this last episode… I don’t usually cry even in kdramas but after watching Joy cry I felt really emotional and cried so much. I’m not even a fan of BTOB and Red Velvet but I will surely support these two on their careers even after this. Thank you so much for making me feel in love, thank you MBC and of course thank you so much Sungjae and Joy. <3

    • Anonymous

      June 9, 2017
      6:03 pm
      Philippines 🙂

      I love you both

    • Handsome darling

      True. I’ll will miss the Ppyu couple.
      Last episode

    • Choiiieee

      Same hereee I just watched that cut scene. I really wish they have a drama or be together and marry in real lifeee. But I think they both have a little feelings on each other haha.

  3. Anonymous

    Watching this in 2017. I miss SungJoy TT TT

  4. Anonymous

    When sungjae said “Sooyoung, after this, is it really the end of us? i dont want to” But why? Why are you avoiding her now sungjae? I just hoped you weren’t so affected by those crazy fans bickering about this and that(bbyu). TT____TT But still, i’m hoping that you’re on good terms offcam 🙂

  5. Anonymous


  6. bbyu

    Watching them when joy cried her heart out and sungjae tried hard to hold on his tears make me so sad and really hurt..hope you both always happy no matter if you end up together or not..i’ll be here always support you

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