TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 16 Engsub


  1. zooshe

    OMG .. I am taking my test soon
    I think I will join Bomi lol

  2. So-hyun

    It won’t allow me to open it

  3. PandaPanda

    Hope they can have 50 ep.they are so cute and funny.

  4. sweetlove

    They look like a real couple already..just need more skinship and a KISS..hakhak..

  5. bomtae

    I love bomi i love them. But they need more skinship <3

  6. Anonymous

    More episode for them and more skinship and kiss kissss love them so muchhh

  7. pinkz

    Bomi is really different after got married , she looks more girly than before.i wonder what will happen after she end wgm? will she stay girly like this or she back to her old self?

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