Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 1 Engsub


  1. Camila

    7:17 look Keys neck…..WHAT’S THAT???!?!!?!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      IS THAT A HICKEY?!?!?!?! Jonghyun needs to calm himself… XD

  2. jwonhuni

    downloaded all 37 episodes in clearer definition than from facebook~~~ THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING HERE~~ :))

    TaEun love story will always be special to me~ regardless who they end up with, I know they will chose a good person and be loving~~ (ofcurz, it would be best if they end up together and prove first love can be eternal love)

    • ken

      How did you download it? I can’t barely play it.

      • YoYo

        Right click and save as video will save the video. If you cannot play or it stop a lot then, it is because your device is infected with malware or virus. Mine was also the same. Try to find some Malware cleaner online and clean it out.

  3. love de is we got married

  4. Anonymous

    This couple is really cute…

  5. Anonymous


  6. shyshaeshy

    waaaaah, why do i keep coming back to this?
    i miss taeun T.T

  7. Saswati

    I have been searching for these episodes since past 1 month..
    Finally I found something..
    But the video is not playing well on my phone ..
    What do I do?

    • MariĆ«lle

      watch it on you computer It doesn.t Always work on my Phone too

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