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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 37 Engsub – Final


  1. ShawolHeart

    It took them by surprise. I remember SHINee had a concert after this was recorded and I saw a fancam of Taemin really like crying in colors of the season. I didn’t know why and then the last episode was aired.
    There’re a lot of rumors that they are still together. do┬┤ I hope it’s true and they get married in real life haha <3

  2. Possesive Fan

    Really they are warm, theyre real. Though i discovered the 3 years later I root for them.
    Ang I KNOW theyre STILL TOGETHER. There no way they wouldnt be. Just heard Tae Min saying saranghae and naeun saying nado is already something.

    Ahhh… I dont even want to end this comment. I dont want to leave this site but i have to so ill just keep in mind that they have each others phone number and stolen glance on the stage on the year 2017.
    I guess that would do for now.

    TaEun Couple be together Forever just like how you promised. Live well, Love well and do well! Fighting!

    • Possesive Fan

      And for their haters…

      …. You are one of the reasons why they are still hiding and caging their real emotions towards each other. You are making their life hard. There was this Fan cursing Naeun and taking possesion of Tae Min. Aigooo, we dont own our idols, we support them!

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