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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 37 Engsub – Final


  1. Via

    even though they ended in the show long ago, i still believe they are dating or at least dated. i think its hate for them because of their busy schedule because everyone knows how hectic it is to be an idol. i just hope it doesn’t impact their relationship but most couple do break up because of that or they can’t spend quality time together. Not to mention they have a lot of stage moments where they look at each other, especially Taemin, he makes it so obvious, lol. and the sliver rose bracket they both wear! so cute!

    I just hope they are still together and they stay strong until they publicly decide to announce it.
    And if they aren’t together, we can all agree that they were each other’s first love. Their eyes says it all.
    Taeun fighting!

  2. Anonymous

    Taeun couple is just so perfect for each other. It’s sad that theur virtual marriage ended so suddenly. I just want them to become a real couple. The look in their eyes, it serms as if they really love each other. If only that would be for real.

    It’s been almost 5 years since their virtual marriage ended but I’m still shipping them. I want to see them together again. I hope that will happen soon.

    Lee Taemin saranghae!
    Son Na Eun saranghae!
    Taeun couple yeongwonhi!

  3. Anonymous

    So I currently crying so hard

  4. Jo

    It’s may 2018 and I’ve just finished watching this couple for the thirds time. I end up telling myself ”I/ll only watch my favourite episodes’ only to end up watching it all, since they are all so precious and you can’t just pick a few.
    SSo goodbye, until the next time I feel like kidding myself, that I’ll only watch but a couple of episodes, yet end up marathoning them all, until 4 AM in the morning.

    Saranghae Taeun <3

    Shinee and Apink fighting!

  5. Kumamon

    This is sad. My heart is going to explode anytime now

  6. Just a Panda

    I’m Apink fan. And it was all thanks to TaEun’s WGM. This couple introduced me to six wonderful girls.. Although it’s quite some time since they ended their stint, they are still my favorite wgm couple. I’m rooting for Taemin and Naeun. To be honest, Naeun was happiest during WGM. I can’t say that she isn’t happy with Apink, I’m saying that, what she had with Taemin is really special.

    Fighting Taeun 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    M very obessed to them its good watching them having their first 20s relationship

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