Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 4 Engsub


  1. Johaira

    They dont like naeun for taemin because naeun is so perfect for him .. SHE IS PRETTY, INNOCENT,SIMPLE GIRL,SEXY, although back then when she is not APINK member but a student she is lready popular bcus of her BRAIN and beauty, even now, she becOME MORE FEMINIme and elegant young lady … sorry for mybad english .

  2. Anonymous

    is it just me or does this actually load terribly

  3. Anonymous

    It’s already 2018. If they want to date, just let them be. That’s the problem with fans. They can’t accept reality and act as if they own the person. This is not limited to Taemin but for all idols.

    Shootout G-Dragon.

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