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The Greatest Love CrownJ InYoung Ep 5 Engsub


  1. turbo

    Crown J needs to make a decision fast about marriage. Last time they were “married” for more than a year. But, this time their relationship is more advanced, they are more mature, and it seems like they are honestly considering a real marriage. It should not take that long to decide whether he wants to marry her. They have stayed friends and been in contact for several years since the original “We Got Married.” I don’t think it will be either they get married or stay friends – more like get married or not be in each other’s lives.

    • Anonymous

      I’m agree on that. After end of the show, they either get married in real life or not see each other at all. Btw CrownJ & Inyoung are mature compared to WGM season. Happy to see they’re growing together 🙂

  2. nina

    Why i still cant playing this video on my phone??

  3. Maria Reacco

    Turbo, Crown J has asked Seo In Young more than once to marry him for real, so I don’t think the hold up for them getting married for real is him. I think at the time he asked In Young may not have thought he was serious (from my obversation he asked her twice, and from that conservation with In Young sis those two HAVE been dating lol). I like the concept that they are using this show to decided if they will get married for real because like he said in the pre interview he will believes they will end up being a couple for real.

  4. Anonymous

    The whole is crashing on my phone since a week and not working for any other shows too

  5. shantelle

    When is the next episode coming out

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