CrownJ InYoung

The Greatest Love CrownJ InYoung Ep 9 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Omg crown j, you dont need that golden lower teeth tho.

  2. Anonymous

    omg someone please tell me what song that starts at 12:30

  3. Elle

    I saw that they were in Dubai together on instagram and I hoped that it’d be filmed for this show! Also InYoung is seriously upgrading CrownJ, I hope he takes all of her advice!

  4. Maria Reacco

    I’m pretty sure. Everyone is well aware the Crown J and Seo In Young are leavening With You The Greastest Love. After watching the last few eps I am not surprised, the chemistry these had on We Got Married is just not there. They seem more as friends than a married couple in love. You can really tell especially after watching this eps and the current one with them in Dubai that things are not the same. I have been thinking that every since they went to the beach during that eps they don’t come off as married but just friends. I think Crown J is ready for marriage but not Seo In Young. Don’t get me wrong I love the Ant Couple but the spark they used to have is just not there. I will continue to watch until their last eps but I don’t believe the producers when they said that both decided after their honeymoon that they will only be friends. I think that was decided weeks ago but they just used the filming they had plus decided to film to trip to Dubai since it was already paid for just to see how it plays out. I wish not but the best for Crown J and Seo In Young but I’m truly not surprised that this show is ending

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