Siwon Liuwen

We Are In Love Siwon Liuwen Ep 12 Engsub – Final


  1. Carr

    The best ending that I’ve seen so far of this show and WGM.

  2. Soue


  3. Sihla

    Omg i love them

  4. Anonymous

    woahh!!! this is amazing!! truly the best ending I have seen. I know that this was quite a while and I dont have any news about this couple.. but I really hope that they did see each other after this show has finished.

  5. bogomii

    i dont know but i dont feel that they truly have feelings for each other…i was waiting for them from the first eps to make it seems like real but they didnt…not like other couples in WGM…u feel the good climate btw couple… but at least the end was good..i like it

  6. Amazing..i lov it
    Its true the best ending so far…eaither in the future
    Become real couple’s….thank u .
    U MAKE US PROUD LITTLE…some couple’s the ENDING is
    So dissappointed…and so sad and i feel bad too,he make us cried too….GOD BLESS .

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