Siwon Liuwen

We Are In Love Siwon Liuwen Ep 4 Engsub


  1. Na na

    oh gosh,, Liu wen is ya typical Aquarius woman lol. I’m also a Aquarius gal (my birth date 2 days after hers) and I 100% know how she feels because I’m exactly the same way and I went through the same with my boyfriend who is also a fire sign like Siwon (i really felt like my boyfriend was rushing and doing too much but felt bad that I wasn’t a little more open. I don’t know how he’s still with me lol).

    I think most Aquarian women are tall, conservative, a little tomboyish (don’t like fairy tales like relationships ) at first but in love can become romantic , very loyal , and fall hard for our guy. We don’t want to get hurt and we feel like rushing would ruin it in someway,. People love in a different aspect

  2. Anonymous

    i really think i know how the girl feels, first of all they just met recently, yes they are “bf-gf” but siwon is rushing things too much. he is not being considerate with how wen feels. and oh, those unnies are too much..

  3. Anonymous

    I really don’t like Wen’s friends. How are you gonna start teasing and giving commands to a man that you just met in his own girlfriend’s home that he entered for the first time. Bunch of bitches. Very rude first impressions from them. Why is it when girlfriends/wives are introduced to the guy friends or members of her boyfriend/husband they’re always so nice to her and playful but when it’s the boyfriend/husband being introduced to the girl friends of his girlfriend/wife they’re always teasing and harassing and giving commands and drilling him with personal questions and just attacking? Damn. Guys are so much nicer than girls. In all of the WGM couples and shows like this that has always been the case. Don’t believe me? Just look.

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