Running Man

Running Man Ep 369 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    From the start i dont like se chan…dont know why they said he funny…not funny at all to me…his character totally not fit to rm…find him kinder annoying than funny…

  2. Anonymous

    the rating is low

  3. Anonymous

    Did they really just picked one destination…? What’s the point of spending 5-10 episodes with literally the exact same goal – earn money and then choose one destination.

    • Anonymous

      i know, i love running man but this project is just wow, they might as well played rock, paper, scissors to decide from the start

  4. Anonymous

    i watched RM since ep 01 and i still prefer the previous PD..hes smart and more adventurer and also i missed the naive kang gary and the short guy that always imitating different character..hes so funny .since the new PD started taking over the old one..i dont really like how the PD treat them..everything like RM members foods, they need to pay by them self.this new episodes are really cant get me..kind of boring watching the same this 1:go episodes.and about the new member..i think they should put in the fat funny guy they called jo daniel..he is seriously funny man!! HAHAHA!! he is a friend of jae suk as i remember when the last time episode.anyway..with out this current Runningman member including kang gary..runningman tv show is nothing for sure.

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