Running Man

Running Man Ep 374 Engsub

Guests: Jo Se-ho, Noh Sa-yeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Kang Daniel (Wanna One)


  1. Anonymous

    kang daniel is ugly

    • Anonymous

      so you are. stop hating the poor boy, he didn’t do anything wrong. atleast he’s doing something good with his life unless you who is here just hating someone who is way better than you will ever be

  2. Anonymous

    i love joseho

  3. Anonymous

    somin sechan out of runningman

  4. Anonymous

    Ji Suk Jin look younger

  5. Anonymous

    ok good, stop watching it then.

  6. Anonymous

    Bit dissapointed for this week…already in custom but they keep doing same thing over n over dragging time…make viewer boring…from start the vibe already nice after that downfall….

    • Anonymous

      yea i also feel excited at the start since the theme is gangster stuff ( i really like gangster genre movie ) but the intro kinda boring and too long.

      and 1 more thing can anyone explain why is it kang daniel sitting behind making sae ho looks like a driver like wtf is that?

  7. Anonymous

    Running man would never be the same again
    The PD sucks. Sorry..but it’s a fact
    The show should be change to Roulette Man not Running Man again

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