Running Man

Running Man Ep 374 Engsub

Guests: Jo Se-ho, Noh Sa-yeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Kang Daniel (Wanna One)


  1. Anonymous

    Stop hating in Daniel come on, I’m a man and he seems to be a nice guy, just trying his best on a variety show.

    • Anonymous

      who care you man or girl ffs.. explain why hes sitting at the back when clearly theres a seat in front

  2. Anonymous

    it just a show please don’t hate him. I know some of your hate about that . but please it don’t mean that Daniel oppa so bad how about we think in other side okay
    #just peace okay
    # if my English was wrong please don’t mad me okay

  3. Anonymous

    kang daniel sucks

  4. me

    i can’t play the video omg helppp

  5. exo

    Me too

  6. Anonymous

    i don’t thing someone put a gun on your head and told you to watch the show or you will get killed. so bye bye

  7. woojin

    i can’t play the video .. anyone can help me ?

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