Running Man

Running Man Ep 380 Engsub

Guests: Kang Han-na, Kyung Soo-jin


  1. Anonymous

    somin sechan out of runningman

  2. Anonymous

    i ship KSJ and KG T-T

  3. Anonymous

    Haha boring2 u still here every week..lame…no life type

  4. Anonymous

    Like this ep…nice…

  5. Anonymous

    KwangMin couple is real.

  6. Anonymous

    Why the guest is always the team leader??rm pd should take care of song ji hyo and jeon so min more then the guest. .and why the guest never received the punishment in the end??there are no point for the guest to appear in rm at all..

    • Anonymous

      Guest help rm get viewer…if guest get punish…no guest want to come…

  7. Anonymous

    why i cant play this video

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