Running Man

Running Man Ep 388 Engsub

Guests: Goo Ha-ra, Lee Da-hee, Kang Mi-na (Gugudan), Seol In-ah


  1. Anonymous

    Yup…they look like no eager to do rm…

  2. Anonymous

    How do i play it? The video is not working

  3. Anonymous

    Nice episode…funny guest..

  4. Anonymous

    Why does the staff kept on doing water bomb as punishment. I rather have no punishment in the first place

    • Anonymous

      To make the members work hard…if no punishment it just jaesuk kwngsoo somin sechan haha only work hard…others just like hammer n nail..

  5. Dissappointed viewer.

    Yeah I agreed, KJK and SJH seems so much less active nowadays. RM now is getting less and less attractive to me now. I even skipped last weeks episode which has never happened before. ~sigh~~

    Those thrills and laughter I get previously reduced to just laughters (more like gags concert) which also reduces my means to watch RM. I think the writer and PD is doing a bad job planning for the episodes now or are they just inexperienced?

  6. Anonymous

    Omg Da Hee is Bae lmao!

  7. Anonymous

    Don’t watch it then 🙂 plus it was funny

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