Running Man

Running Man Ep 392 Engsub

Guests: Hong Jin-young, Kang Han-na, Lee Da-hee, Lee Sang-yeob


  1. Anonymous

    I want kwang soo to quit, not because he’s bad, he’s like hard carrying the show by being the pretty much the only person who’s had to do punishments since the restart. Like all the other members got to negotiate out of them and they make it so he is always the one to lose or is dragged into losing and his demeanor is anger he is just visibly angry at this point.

    • Anonymous

      That his role to do like that..every membrs have their role…it depend on them how to make their role me that normal..even guest like what he do becoz of that make the guest famaous act with him…

      • Anonymous

        i know it’s his role, but he isn’t having fun anymore. he is visibly angry and it makes it hard to watch.

        also I am so fucking done with the let’s send ‘someone’ (and my someone we mean kwang soo) to a scary location or attraction. it’s not funny and some of those attractions could make someone in perfect health have a heart attack from anxiety and none of them are in perfect health. this is a personal preference thing I don’t like to see people being forced into things when they are already terrified, I would rather watch them learn and play settlers of catan for 6 hours then see them go to those attractions.

        • Anonymous

          That y the PD at 4 guest to make it more interesting to sync with the members…attraction just to make their country people to look this show…if not rating will drop..

  2. Anonymous

    i want Kim jong kook and song ji hyo to quit, because they are boring.

    • Anonymous

      This 2 think if they less action will give more chnce to shine…but that wrong…without thwm help to make the show interesting…how the new want to shine…plus it will make less viewer…not much to see..

      • Anonymous

        i think you should stop watching rm.. watch other show that you like

    • Badass

      Stupid komen.they join running man for 7 years already..who do u think u are to make them quit from running man..stupid!

  3. Anonymous

    pretty naeun love you

  4. Badass

    For all your comment..if dont like dont watch…it very easy right? Dont comment like a jerk!

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