Running Man

Running Man Ep 392 Engsub

Guests: Hong Jin-young, Kang Han-na, Lee Da-hee, Lee Sang-yeob


  1. Kill

    cant watch it

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t see subtitles??

  3. Anonymous

    running man… fighting!!!!! love u all…

  4. Anonymous

    So min toes get 10min airtime than song ji hyo

  5. Anonymous

    The pd should give more airtime for sjh and kjk than the 4 guest…

  6. Anonymous

    i will kill hong jin jong kook is song ji hyo couple not hong jin young.

  7. Anonymous

    With all the bad luck Kwang soo is getting and good luck for Jihyo etc. I’m starting to think RM is scripted. I mean kwang soo has at least 1 bad luck moment in every episode for the last 15 eps. Back then this does happen but not as often so yeah

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