Running Man

Running Man Ep 394 Engsub

Guests: Hong Jin-young, Lee Da-hee, Kang Han-na, Lee Sang-yeob


  1. Anonymous

    Sponsers much..

  2. Anonymous

    This episode is pretty poo poo

  3. Anonymous

    i really dissapointed watching RM these days they keep making stupid joke than playing the games.i ended up cursing so many times watching this week episode.this show not interesting anymore for me.i give up i can’t take it anymore.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you,kwang soo and jae suk keep talking and making jokes everytime make me frustrating.i want to see them focused on the games more.

  4. Anonymous

    WTF,i need to wait another week to watch this episode that they filming more than one month ago.The pd is really suck.bring back the old format of one day filming one episode no need to drag to 2-3 episode for 1 filming.

    • Anonymous

      Their target more viewer…like this more will wait for next ep

  5. Anonymous

    Rating is low

  6. Anonymous

    To me this ep is fine…still fun n funny…even the rating low,they still work hard to give their best make new ep every week…

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