Running Man

Running Man Ep 402 Engsub

Guests: Dayoung (WJSN), Hyejeong (AOA), Seolhyun (AOA), JooE (Momoland), Mino (Winner), Seungyoon (Winner)


  1. Anonymous

    Wtf they show the Running Man Betrayal ‘gary’in this week ep!!gary not care about Running Man anymore.just forget that traitor and move on.

    • Jjongah


      • gary the real betrayal icon?

        • Anonymous

          Nah for leaving rm…haha…hater like that…half brain

          • Anonymous

            yeah,that guy is the true betrayel in RM not LKS.that guy (i don’t even want to mention his name disgusting) is nothing without RM.he leave and cut off all the contact with RM member that spend 7 years together when the rating is getting low and lower.he even using stupid excuse leaving RM to focus on music bullsh*t.

  2. Anonymous

    Wth man spoiler

  3. Anonymous

    My third time mino so nice with somin. Auww

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