Running Man

Running Man Ep 407 Engsub

Guests: Hong Jin-young, Kang Han-na, Lee Da-hee, Lee Sang-yeob


  1. Anonymous

    i think there is something going on between SJH and YSC..

  2. Anonymous

    The weather is scripted

  3. Anonymous

    Boring since the pd changed i want old pd!!!

    • Anonymous

      with all due respect, if you dont like it, THEN DONT WATCH, SIMPLE AS THAT! go find another show to watch and entertain yourself with (:

      • Anonymous

        with all due respect, im agree running man need the old pd, the new pd make the show BORING. Many of people WATCH it and will state whatever their opinion. That their right.Simple as that.

  4. Anonymous

    No precious present like before, always giving food for exchange or mission.they human not dogs,they need to eat, forget the mission for awhile..the pd sucks!

  5. Anonymous

    im agree

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