Running Man

Running Man Ep 414 Engsub

Guests: Kim Roi-ha, Kwak Si-yang, Seo Hyo-rim


  1. Anonymous

    Pretty boring ep to me, thanks for sub.

    • 잠봉

      Seriously?! Dont say its boring You have to be thankful coz they make your Day a bit breter than usual. Its hard to be on a variety show you Jerk Dumbass bullshit. Your just watching dont make any fucking comments here .

      • Anonymous

        All jobs are hard. They get paid more than police and nurses. They are celebrities,their purpose is to entertain people

    • 만새

      You die . Your a piece of shit .

  2. DevisedLateott

    I really enjoyed this episode.
    It was a little slow at times but the name tag race really brought out the clever strategies of the cast.
    The winners played their roles perfectly

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