Eric Nam Solar, Jota Jin Kyung, SeHo CaoLu

We Got Married Chuseok Gathering Part 2 Engsub

Eric Nam Solar Ep 24, Jota Jin Kyung Ep 19, Seho CaoLu Ep 28


  1. Anonymous

    i dont like the guy judge tbh.

  2. Anonymous

    He’s from superjunior

  3. LMX

    Ddong couple is really too hard for me to handle. They are truly in love with each other.

  4. TwiceTofuDubu28

    This server really sucks

  5. Anonymous

    I’m struggling to watchIt pauses every 30 seconds and takes about 10 minutes to load afterwardsAnyone else having the same problem??

  6. ddongobreakinmyheart

    I like all the couples, but imo the Ddong couple is the best because they get along as friends, can have fun with each other, and take care of each other so well. This episode was an eye opener tho, so much skinship so suddenly. When they’re performing together, their chemistry becomes x100 more. :DDD I knew they’d win this competition thing!!!!

  7. This website keeps stopping every 30 seconds. This website is horrible !!

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