Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 14 Engsub


  1. YookJoy

    The hotel and room is exactly the same with the bbyu couple, I guess the bed sheets were the only difference. They even did fishing and Jeju trip. Hahaha. Eric Nam and Solar is so adorable esp. while doing the Yoga thing. But hearing Eric sing I won’t give up is just so beautiful I’m so inlove with his voice aaaahhh ❤❤❤

  2. Anonymous

    idk if i should feel sad or happy about this episode. happy because the couple looks so cute. sad because it brings back so much memory of the bbyu couple :(( MBC BRING SUNGJAEJOY BACKKKK

  3. Bbyu shipper

    Wow They’re in the same room as Bbyu couple ;____;

    Don’t touch me I’m crying

  4. Agvajjs

    So disappointing!!!! It’s loading buffering in Iphone 4s

  5. Holo Queen

    I miss them..

  6. Anonymous

    i really miss sungjoy couple

  7. ZoLa

    Deabaak they are so cute

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