GongMyung HyeSung

We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 20 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    It’s easy to see that the way they touch and look at each other, these two are totally into each other. HyeSung has been crazy about Myung since they did the Ear Candy show, and I think Myung fell for her after he saw what a loving, caring person she is. Cheering for them!

  2. Anonymous

    Why Isnt it working

  3. Anonymous

    This couple is clingy

  4. Anonymous

    I think they will stay together after the show ends. GM is getting bolder with his affection and HS has toned it down a little. They look like they’re putting effort into their relationship. Hope everything works out for them!

  5. Anonymous

    HyeSung has all the qualities a boyfriend/spouse could ask for. She’s a dream cook, is caring, loving, affectionate, encouraging, forgiving. The positive in her out weighs the negatives. And I think Myung sees all those good things in her and loves her for them.

  6. Anonymous

    Their part is soooo boring. And if u don’t want ppl to scare u, don’t go to a freaking haunted house… Duhh
    Annoying as shit

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