Henry Yewon

We Got Married Henry Yewon Ep 6 Engsub


  1. why did the girl have to be ruined by some scandal and suffer alone.. l too wanted more of this couple. Those netizens shouldn’t have done that.. they made the issue bigger.. so sad..

  2. Anonymous

    He’s an honest pervert indeed.

  3. Anonymous

    One mistake woild never determine who you are and what you’re made of. Fighting Yewon and Henry ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Anonymous

    It’s really sad that this cute couple didn’t last long just because of that issue. Yewon wasn’t really the one at fault like really. She did talked to her like formally at first with a smile and ask nicely if she didn’t like her but she took that to hearth and started saying nonsense stuffs. I’m so mad.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. I hope Karma runs after her wherever she goes. My heart is aching for Henry and Yewon.

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