Henry Yewon

We Got Married Henry Yewon Ep 8 Engsub


  1. hans

    what happened to the sound… šŸ™

  2. Kim

    I miss this couple so much. They’re really fit with each other. So sad that they ended so fast.

  3. i like henry so much wkwkwkwk
    i like his aegyo

  4. Mariƫlle

    I hate the weard sounds

  5. a

    why is the music so blurrish

  6. R

    love this couple so much…wish they can comeback to wgm…it is dissapointing they only done 12 episode..i hope yewon move on from harsh and difficult time she’s been through soon. it was so unfair for her that incident made her lost everything…yewon fighting!!!

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