JaeRim SoEun

We Got Married Jae Rim & So Eun Ep 32 Engsub


  1. tommy

    May i know the name of BGM start from 11:40? Thank you.

  2. No wonder your all so hungup on sex and whos who and how old a person is. How do you change a diaper? Grow up people otherwise your in for a great shock. The
    golden days of the Victorian era are long gone..why not visit Australia or the Coast of the USA there close to water and the desert heat. Men’s swimmers are much better. Just look up Life savers of Sydney Beaches or any other coastal place just look on a map. As for the US and South America like Rio you guys would be carted out on a strecher….LOL What has SJR have that he must hide he’s handsome and a mans man..Nothing to be ashamed of..I think the chubbie oldies don’t like to think about themselves getting older and don’t want swimmers or shorts to get to revealing in the Fashionista popularity stakes because then they really would be out of fashion. Also when you don’t drawn attention to things they are less obvious..10/10 for the dummies…LOL It’s 2016 not1916.

  3. Anonymous

    what’s the bgm at 11:40

  4. Songi

    Yeah I really liked the song at 11:40 what is it !!?

  5. Pen Pineapple Apple Fan

    she looks better with her hair tied up

  6. Anonymous

    I got u guys!! The song is called 모락모락 :))

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