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We Got Married Jae Rim & So Eun Ep 38 Engsub – Final


  1. Jm

    I can’t control it..My tears are falling continuously.. I Love SoRim Couple

  2. Solim

    You know what guys, correct me if im wrong on my instinct. Jae Rim oppa has a previous drama titled Thumping spike , and they have season 2 for it and the leading lady is Kim So Eun. How come? Why they dont pair on Season 2 even Jae rim oppa is also the cast on it last Season? !

    • Imen

      I guss having them now together in “Our Gab Soon” is enough.

  3. imel

    why it can’t be downloaded..
    there’s a note on the video “the connection was reset”
    what does it mean?

    • Suhito

      You shoul tried again. Sometimes i got the same problem or you should turn of internet conection for a while and try again

  4. Suhito

    I love them if they will be really couple, but some how little bit disspointed to jae rim, i saw he did not wearing thr barcelet and ring couple. If i’m not wrong. But actually i hope they will got merried in real life.

  5. angel

    my tears are falling now!!!!

  6. Ayu Putri

    I cant play it!!!!!!.please fix it soon

  7. Neuanna

    Really love JaeRim’s sincerity from day 1. He is always wearing his heart on his sleeve. Hope to find a man like him. <3

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