JongHyun SeungYeon

We Got Married JongHyun & SeungYeon Ep 16 Engsub


  1. Shymabellamyz

    No matter how much i watch this ep…and keep repeat …i still smile and can feel their emotion…look like drama but thats reality…they fit each others…miss this couple..

  2. Anonymous

    I always watch gonglee couple over & over again, i always feel the love they have w/ each other, it feels real love.. really they look lovely together, they have undeniable love… and someday somehow they become a real couple , can live happily after

  3. timcanpy

    Oh man, the chemistry between them is so nice. Even if the show will end soon, I hope they enjoyed the experience of being a couple on the show. It makes me sad when I see how much the family enjoyed their time with Seungyeon.

  4. Hey__Judd

    Its year 2018 and still watching this couple… they’ve been together for this show for only 6months but their love still lingers over the years.. just by watching them over and over at WGM episodes and with their drama MOLS… now that JH is in army and SY is getting better in dramas still hoping and praying time will be with them to keep them together forever in this life time… Classics are Forever! #GongLee ~ #HoneyBee couple forever…

  5. Anonymous

    OMG!!! OTTOKE.. Bakit sila ganyan??? Kaiinggit. They are so cute. They look so gooood together. I want them to get married in real life. This is the real #marriedlifegoals. Oppa LJH seems to be a player. He knows everything on how to give a heart attack to a girl. Hmmmmp!!! I want someone like him too.

  6. Anonymous

    My bad. I jusr started watching wegotmarried 2019 lol.hhahahahhahaha i ship this couple! Eric nam and solar , Seong jae and Joy and this couple!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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