JongHyun SeungYeon

We Got Married JongHyun & SeungYeon Ep 19 Engsub


  1. YookJoy

    Eric and Choa surprisingly looks good together!!!! I’m a fan of ddonggie couple but I want to see more of Eric Choa moments ❤

    Anw, it’s one of the best weddings I’ve seen. The guest really had fun and they are so sweet. They are really match made in heaven.

  2. missVyeon

    kyahhh!!! i can’t handle their sweetness!!>.<

  3. Anonymous

    Felt sad that their marriage had to end so soon.

  4. ale

    so cteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, youg hwa, i love him

  5. Rina

    I love you both

  6. Anonymous

    I like that kiss though! love you both ❤

  7. Anonymous

    I love this couple sooooo muuuch!! Miss them huhuhuhu I really hoping their real married … please oh Lord!! make it true to life

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