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We Got Married JongHyun & SeungYeon Ep 22 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    They will become a couple someday…..♥+♡ =♡♥ ….

    • Anonymous

      there were actually rumors that they did date in real life. Jonghyun’s mom only followed 13 people on Instagram and 12 of them are her relatives and the other 1 is Seungyeon. comments from Jonghyun’s non celebrity friends were caught on Instagram – they were talking about their recent meetup with Seungyon but later on they deleted it.

      • Julia

        Are you for real??? Omg why am I so happy reading that?? My ship is sailing can’t believe it, so much love for this couple

      • Anonymous

        no wonder jonghyun always wear Nerdy product…i do really believe they were both for real couple…the only couple who meet up with their both families….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Anonymous

          Truueeee i hope they’ll really end up together in this lifetime

        • Anonymous

          They are fake

        • Anonymous

          Of course he will wear Nerdy shirts that’s his business together with Zico

  2. Anonymous

    there’s no way in the world they’re not dating in real life

  3. Anonymous

    they look so good together. hope they ll be together…one fine day

  4. Anonymous

    and pls share the good news with us! we ll be more than happy to cheer up for our brown eyed couple

    just wandering if seungyeon did come to cnblue between us concert recently?

  5. YookJoy

    This couple is so real. The way they look at each other omg you can feel that they really like each other ❤❤❤

  6. So cute and thier chemistry so sweet
    One of the most WGM couples..i really lov them both
    Hope to heard them that for real sweetheart,
    Thank u WGM management &staff doing this
    Atleast you show to people..why dating proposal and married
    Is important…so they can prepared them self to take care
    The real meaning of marriage… from philippines but working
    In canada..i watching some episodes already.
    And make me feel good but sometimes i hate ENDING ….i cried a lot….im weird already..thats what my frens told me….i dont care
    Because makes me relaxed..i lov korean drama too.

  7. Waffles

    This is one of my favourite moments from this couple especially at the end when they’re in the parachute they just look so happy and in love with each other . Now they can also express themselves better in particular seungyeon , they’re one of the best couples around the camera because they’re not shy to show skinship and express their feelings but when they’re in the car or in then ‘sky’ there is no camera crew that’s why I think they feel more comfortable and can show even more affection and love. I really do think this couple had feelings for each other their eyes were always filled with love and it was never awkward and wow I just them so much

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