Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 37 Engsub


  1. Florabelle

    yura is so kindhearted, warm and thoughtful.. She still gave jonghyun all those gifts even after the scandal with nana..

  2. Florabelle

    I remember yonghwa and seohyun also did this before.. Opened a joint bank account.. I wonder if they closed that account after they left wgm

    • Gog

      Goguma couple did close the account and took out all the money and enjoyed the money on their last day. Jjongah couple reminded me of goguma but the reverse version

  3. Honey

    They are really cute ❤❤


    Poor yura… She soo kind .. I hope that HJH rumor is just a rumor… Omg..that is last 3 years of story..why am soo take it seriously now..

    • Anonymous

      Waaah!! Same here! It just happened that I become a fan of the both of them after watching short clips of them on instagram. And I just feel so sad about thinking of it, if the rumors were really true, poor Yura she’s too kind and too considerate

  5. Anonymous

    Waaaahh yura dancing Infinite’s Back!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    yura is so sweet omg

  7. Anonymous

    Why i cant download this ep ?

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