Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 39 Engsub


  1. Rathnika

    When i click on this ep i just feel so sad bcuz it is nearly end ☹ Hope to see them in a drama together!!

  2. So sad..there both inspiring
    I hate ending…but still watching
    Eventhough…they both accept and understand
    What’s the meaning of marriages…not all sweet their is also sour
    For being marriages
    I like them….i will missed them….God bless .

  3. Anonymous

    he should have kiss her!… sad……

  4. puingpuing~

    Its feel so short that they have to end the marriage. After watch 40episode. Id think it enough for them. Cause i feel like in ep30 . Jong oppa just open his heart for yura and he just show his self. More skinship. They should go for another 40 episode. . I never feel bored watch them. Cause skinship level tht they doing its just normal for someone new. They not pretending and force their self to do much skinship for look closer. They do aktivities together. Walking, dating, story . Its just enough for make them closer. . I hope i got to see them together in any drama or show

  5. Anonymous

    Ahhh I love them soo much it’s already ending noooo plsss stay as friends and act in a drama together they are perfect ❤️

  6. Anonymous

    Aww 2019 and i’m still watching the. I miss this couple

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