Jota Jin Kyung

We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 21 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Geon is roughly romantic.

  2. mansemansemanse

    omg I want Geon to be on WGM with Haena! I love her laugh so much and she doesn’t seem to be pretending cute at all. I surprisingly enjoyed their date I thought it’d be awkward. ugh I fell inlove with Geon <3

  3. Haneefah

    omg geon and haena should definitely go on wgm..

  4. Anonymous

    Jinkyung and jota perfect couple i miss them

  5. Anonymous

    nakakainis loading pa more..

  6. Anonymous

    This episode and double date was so fun!! Haha hope they end up both dating in real life until now. ❤☺ #Samsam and #Alzaang Couple fighting! ❤

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