Jota Jin Kyung

We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 5 Engsub


  1. Hallo

    Oh my gosh they are so cute! The 33 couple is the best.
    Who agrees?!

    • Rania

      They look so good together

    • Anonymous

      Why 33 couple?

      • Just a random stranger passingby~

        JinKyung explained at the previous episode that Jota is 176 cm and 23 yrs old while JinKyung is 173 cm and 20 yrs thus having a difference of “3” and Jin Kyung’s birthday is coincidentally on March 3 so they kinda like the idea of “33 couple”

  2. Anonymous

    It loads so slow even when the internet connection is strong

  3. Yahoo

    Who is here at 2019? I miss Jota

  4. Anonymous

    Still here in 2019 ❤

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