GongMyung HyeSung, Sleepy GukJoo, TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married Lunar New Year Special Engsub

TaeJoon Bomi Ep 18, GongMyung HyeSung Ep 8, Sleepy GukJoo Ep 10


  1. Anonymous

    Can anyone share the youtube link to this episode? Because it keeps getting stuck just after playing for a few minutes so I have to keep on refreshing the page and replay from where it had stopped and keep doing the same thing.

  2. Anonymous

    can u pls upload YONGSEO COUPLE

  3. Anonymous

    Grrrrrrr.. Y its so log… Huhuhu

  4. Yuuki

    Apakah ini episode 10 dari pasangan Sleepy dan GukJoo?

  5. Anonymous

    Hyesung and Myungsoo are not fake. If anything, they are one of the couples I consider to be the realist of the group. There are only a few couples that I considered to be real. JinKyung and Jota, ShiYang and SoYeon, Gain and JoKwon, SoEun and JaeRim, KwangHee and SunHwa (still on the waters about them), Henry and Yewon and HyeSung and Myungsoo.

  6. Anonymous

    Whats wrong with this eps

  7. Anonymous

    It’s annoying, i need to wait so longg

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