Minsuk Yewon

We Got Married Minsuk Yewon Ep 35 Engsub


  1. Yewon Fan

    I don’t think they go to Hawaii. After i read the meaning of OH Yeah song, i’m really sad and feel sorry to yewon. I admit that min suk was very2 charming as husband in this wgm show. But the feeling cannot be forced. Min suk see yewon as his best friend only. I can feel this from their photo shoot. There has no any heart flutter to Min Suk when was doing intimate photoshoot. I hope yewon would find the true love and forget any heart broken frm the past.

  2. sharss

    Seeing this again, I think this is the most realistic setup for wgm ending. Its like they’re them up both together.
    Although we don’t if they really got together but you can see the agenda of wgm team for them. To make them REAL. kekeke

    • sharss

      *they’re setting them up together..(correction)
      Sorry 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    again and again.. i really hope theyll end up together really…. its so fascinating… frustrating they were so sweet and romantic naturally….. nothings fake… aaarrrggghh!! they should get really marry each other…

  4. Anonymous

    I love this couple so much

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