Minyong Doyeon

We Got Married Minyong Doyeon Ep 1 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    They make me laugh! They’re really cute together! She’s so bubbly and he’s so laid back. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops.

  2. Anonymous

    They are cute, I can clearly related to this couple. But and island home? Is that practical for this show? No.

  3. Anonymous

    can’t wait for the next episode. these two will be very very exciting to watch

  4. May

    Pls upload the epi 2

  5. Dyska

    Please upload we got married season 1, 2 and 3
    I really want to watch it… 🙁

  6. thumbsucker068

    I wonder if they will get the fan love because of their age. But they are really funny wkthout even trying. This will be a fun couple to watch. They don’t have to worry about pleasing fandoms like idols do, and they can be more relaxed and awkward, lol!

  7. Anonymous

    omg Choi Min Yong’s so laid back, I’d go mental with a man like that. On top of it living on an island without technology and far from modern household items, I’d run off that second… Do Yeon is cute though, there were much better celebs matches her personality. There were actors close to her age, with a bit of taste, and more romantic, kind warm, I don’t think I’d continue to watch. 🙁 not my best wgm couple.

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