Minyong Doyeon

We Got Married Minyong Doyeon Ep 4 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    The part about the baby crying on the island, Doyeon just laughed about it, She is kinda showing that it could be a reality for both of them. About the green bag, she really shows that she wants to match Minyong’s bag, She is studying how to cook. Minyong gives her the food first every time. He does not order her around, but order things by doing suggestions like the water and the strawberries. those kinds of simple but sweet stuffs kinda shows that theycan eventually end up together at the end. Just wishful thinking here,

    • Pseunonymous

      Omg my feels ughh its nice how a viewer like you can see things like that! I also noticed it theyre things out of their league. Idk lets just hang on and ship!

  2. Anonymous

    even the ladder game matches them up. “my hey” and “my punk” hiihihih

    • Pseunonymous

      I find it funny when their nicknames were actually suggested by MY. And DY didnt really oppose it. She goes with the flow and its nice how she agrees with it. MY too, talking on DY’s perspective.

  3. Anonymous

    They are really making it work effortlessly. Do you see how they blush for each other too?:)

  4. Anonymous

    Every time they blush for each other, I blush as well. SO CUUTTEE”, I cringe a lot.

  5. Pseunonymous

    Yeah! I’m seeing it now. Well it saturday! Let’s look forward on todays episode! Yoohoo!

  6. Anonymous

    I am even looking forward to the raw episode even if I will not understand it, hihi

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