Minyong Doyeon

We Got Married Minyong Doyeon Ep 5 Engsub


  1. hamda

    i gave up on other couples.They’re the only ones I watch now

    • Adikueen aka Anonymous

      So true❤️❤️❤️ I’m with you on that one

    • Pseunonymous

      I always watch this couple first then watch again and again until otherep comes

  2. Anonymous

    Love these two! They are so great together and so funny! Looking forward to the next episode!

  3. Adikueen aka Anonymous

    I can feel it even just by watching it, you know him wanting to marry her. Oh my gee. This couple is really something. Maybe he is a mama’s boy, come to think of it. He might have even higher expectations with marriage, but there he goes, accepting the flaws of DY and turning them into happy and fun moments. I will definitely cry when they do not end up together. Next episode is exciting with all the jokes that DY were making with MY. I have been watching WGM for years and It is my first time to chat with anybody and also my first time to comment continuously on a show. Thank you also for being a chat friend. WGM is the best.

    • Pseunonymous

      Its nice to see how people like you can feel that kind of things. You know? I’m also a shipper myself and its my first time to really exert effort to them. Especially how wgm couples turned out, I was also reluctant to ship them. Cause I know I end up hurting myself if they will not be real. Welcome! My pleasure 🙂 Maybe we can chat personally? But also lets not forget to comment here.

      • Adikueen aka Anonymous

        We will definitely chat outside wgmI know right? About all wgm couples do not end up together At the first episode of my and day, I asked where did they get this couple and I actually expected them to be boring, sorry MY and DY, but now, they are one of the best

  4. Anonymous

    See? They don’t need to be so lovey dovey since the first episode.. They just slowly showing their charm and audience will willingly watch it.. Different from that, certain couple.. Too annoying to watch.. Sweet at first, but became annoying after some times..

    • Soeum

      That’s right! I find their natural charms very sweet and cute.

  5. Pseunonymous

    Ofc! What platform should we use? My first impression on them was how will they manage to overcome the awkwardness cause they’re literally opposites. But as eps goes by, I realized they’re actually a oddly well-matched couple.

  6. Anonymous

    WGM will be cancelled??

    • Anonymous

      They are denying it at the moment and said that some show will be replaced but they didn’t say which one.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing have been decided yet. Still in discussion.

  7. Anonymous

    Omo what to do sorry my beloved other WGM couples but I think I just fell inlove with minyoung and do yoen >.<

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